Excellence Award for Architectural Thesis

Ar Contractor’s visit to college and The Hafeez Contractor Award for Excellence in Architectural Thesis 2017


“I wanted to be an architect since I was in Class III, though I didn’t know the term “architecture” or “design” back then. I would design forts, tanks, cars, guns, sections of a building. In Class IV, I was thrashed by my English teacher Mrs. Gupta who caught me drawing instead of writing in class. But she also told me to become an architect when I grew up. That was the first time I heard the word architect.”    Hafeez Contractor.


Renowned architect Padma Bhushan Ar. Hafeez Contractor visited the college on the 10th of December, 2017 to address students and to give away the prestigious “The Hafeez Contractor Award for Excellence in Architectural Thesis”.  This award instituted in PMCA in 2016, is given every year, to the best Final Year Thesis Project from among the top 5 projects in the class. The award carries a citation and a cash award of Rs 50,000/-.


Qurratul Ain Maryam bags the Hafeez Contractor Award and Joydip Bar gets

a special mention from the jury who was none other than Ar. Hafeez himself.

He interacted enthusiastically with students – sharing his life experiences, his unconventional ideas and some anecdotes that inspired the young PMCAians. The master architect’s passion to create structures that highlight functional and aesthetic qualities have drastically shaped and changed the urban built landscape of the country. He is known for dramatically impacting the skyline of metropolitan India with his individualistic styles.

The day ended on a high note with a round of discussion with the thesis batch of this year on the viability of thesis topics and possible additions.



Ar Hafeez Contractor is among the esteemed Honourable Guest Faculty of the college since 2012.

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